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Independent Equipment Company ("IEC") provides complete valuation analysis of equipment used as collateral for a loan or subject to a lease.  At the client's direction, IEC can provide an appraisal on a “desktop” basis, or in conjunction with an on-site inspection

Appraisals can be used for both initial and end-of-lease term purposes, as well as for incremental time periods as required by the client.  IEC's equipment valuations can be expressed in terms of Fair Market Value, Orderly Liquidation Value, or Forced Liquidation Value, both in-exchange and in-place.

Furthermore, IEC can provide estimates of Economic Useful Life (EUL) and Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of the equipment, and can also provide its clients with commentary supporting its valuations, including perspectives on the general primary and secondary marketplace, current and future technology trends, impact of legislation/regulation, and other variables that may impact the residual value of the equipment.

IEC's valuation methodology includes:

  • detailed review of equipment, attachments, and accessories including, when available, a breakdown of “hard costs” versus “soft” or unrecoverable costs;

  • direct research including the background of the equipment manufacturer, current and projected market trends, and competitive brands of the equipment type;

  • valuation, including analysis of actual sale results of like or similar equipment;

  • when provided by the client, a review of all governing documentation with focus on terms and conditions covering usage by the customer, maintenance obligations, return provisions, and end-of-term options;

  • assessment of the intended usage and utilization of the equipment; and projected costs to deinstall and remarket the equipment.


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