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Business, Portfolio Management and Valuation Services

Leasing Industry Focus Differentiates Us

We have worked with Bank leasing companies, Independent finance companies, Captives, and cross border investors to increase shareholder value.  We focus on lease expertise, project and team management skills, and responding to marketplace challenges.

  • Business, Portfolio Management and Valuation Services

  • Business, Portfolio and Valuation Services

    • Forecasting/Projection studies

    • Equipment and lease portfolio valuation and business advice

Practice Overview

Twenty five year's lease industry experience, broad professional background:

  • Investment banking, CPA, Attorney, LLM Tax, Structured Finance

  • Affiliated with Trans Securities, Inc., Member NASD & SIPC

  • Direct leasing company experience

Product Offerings:

  • Equipment Sourcing & delivery

  • Direct financing

  • Vendor financing

  • Finance leases

  • Tax leases

  • Operating leases

  • Residual value guarantees

  • Asset upgrades/refresh/substitutions on demand

  • Service Additions

    • Asset Tracking

    • Maintenance

  • Asset Disposition

  • Custom Finance Options

  • Advisory services

Strategic Planning - Key Business Challenges

  • Identifying areas that warrant leading edge investment

  • Different assets require different product and channel strategies

  • Technology architecture decisions

  • Having enough information to make key decisions

  • Product distribution strategies (direct/indirect)

  • Extracting value from mergers/acquisitions

  • Global support for customers

Finance - Key Business Challenges

  • Improve the access and timeliness of available information

  • Reduce the planning cycle

  • Identify customer or portfolio trends

  • Provide relevant exception reporting

Business Development - Key Business Challenges

  • Reducing origination costs

  • Providing remote support to sales staff

  • Getting key product and customer information to the fingertips of sales staff

  • Targeting services that improve customer profitability

  • Retention of profitable customers

  • Integration of customer management effort across product silos

  • Supporting vendors and third parties

Credit & Pricing - Key Business Challenges

  • Optimize workflow management for smaller deals

  • Monitor credit and documentation requirements

  • Define seamless integration of sales, credit, and portfolio management and operations

  • Automate small ticket credit scoring and application processing

  • Meet customer deadlines for disbursement

Operations - Key Business Challenges

  • Cost control without customer service degradation

  • Provide accurate and timely customer billing detail

  • Leverage existing business and IT resources to accommodate new products

  • Manage collection and recovery activities

  • Determine viability of outsourcing opportunities

  • Monitor asset location and condition

  • Create an efficient convenient compliance process

Portfolio Management - Key Business Challenges

  • Managing portfolio concentrations

  • Buy in from senior management to taking on increased asset risk

  • Portfolio reporting that facilitates decision making

  • Improve monitoring frequency and efficiency

  • Move to hold/sell strategy

  • Determining optimal risk/return equation

Equipment Management - Key Business Challenges

  • manage re-marketing relationships with channel partners

  • Determine necessary investment required to deliver asset management services

  • Ability to manage asset risk

  • Asset tracking and monitoring


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