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The Differencecrane2:  Service and Experience

At Independent we offer a team of industry experts with "hands on" experience who possess the keys to successful management and disposition of diverse equipment types - market contracts, financial experience - as well as the assurance of high-level attention to each transaction and an absolute commitment to doing the best possible job for you, our valued client.

This dedication has resulted in the successful disposition, during the past six years of over 20,000 units of equipment - ranging from Construction, Rail, Machine Tools, and Mining Equipment to Transportation, Marine, Aircraft, Containers and many more standard as well as specialized pieces of equipment.

Equipment Management Services
  • Portfolio Management
  • End of Lease Negotiations
  • Equipment Remarketing
  • Plant Liquidations
  • Special Projects

Equipment Management Services
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| Refurbishment | Remarketing | Residual Valuations | Risk Management | Transport Services |

Investment Advisory Services
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Equipment Consulting Services
  • Valuations and Appraisals
  • Residual Value Analysis
  • Inspections
  • Opinion Letters
  • Industry/Equipment Studies
  • Vendor Program Studies/Analysis
  • Portfolio Valuation/Analysis

Our consulting experts are nationally recognized by leading Professional Associations as ethically and technically qualified to perform equipment consulting services for third parties. Our team has the "hands-on" experience that makes the difference. We understand the market...because Independent is part of it! We offer you experience and fact, not just "opinion". Independent's Equipment Management Services can work for you now!


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